marine traffic greeceThe Aegean Sea represents an extreme example of marine safety risk waiting for a catastrophic event to happen. This has significantly increased during the last few years due to the high density of traffic of tankers from and to the Black Sea passing through narrow straits that are formed by over 1600 islands scattered all over the Aegean. Reducing the possibility of ship accidents in the Aegean Sea is important to all social, economic, environmental, and cultural sectors of Greece. Although some continuous monitoring does occur under the Greek Maritime Authorities in certain priority areas, there are no national level monitoring policies or pollution prevention and response mechanisms. Τhe goal of the AMINESS project is to promote shipping safety in the Aegean Sea though a web portal offering different levels of access to relevant stakeholders such as ship owners, policy makers, the scientific community and the general public.

The portal will have three principle uses:

  1. To suggest both vessel and environmentally optimal safe route planning for ships.
  2. To produce alerts for ships in real time with respect to potential hazards associated to other ships, as a function of its location and planned route, its cargo and the meteorological/sea conditions.
  3. To support policy recommendations, through analysis of historical data in short and long term periods that correlate safety with ship trajectories.